Sale of a Property in Malta

Sale of a Property in Malta

Updated on Tuesday 19th April 2016

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Sale-of-a-Property-in-Malta.jpgMalta is a small European country, but it is appreciated for its beautiful landscapes and architecture. If you are interested in the sale of a property in Malta, we advise to ask for consultation from our Maltese lawyers
The video below shows how to sell a Maltese property:

Steps to follow for a property sale in Malta 

When the buyer and the seller reach an agreement regarding the final price to which the property will be sold, according to the Maltese law, a promise of sale agreement (Konvenju), valid for three months, must be signed by both parties. Our attorneys in Malta can give further clarifications on the provisions of the agreement. The buyer must pay a 10% deposit of the selling price of the property. After signing the agreement, a deposit of 20% of the stamp duty must be paid. 

Property sales – taxes 

When selling a property in Malta, the Government imposes certain taxes. Our law firm in Malta can provide more information on the following property sale taxes:
government stamp duty – the tax is established at the rate of 5% of the selling value of the property. The Maltese Government has special provisions for the stamp duty tax, according to the selling price, and if you need to find out more information on this matter, our lawyers in Malta can offer you legal representation, on both commercial and real estate sales
notary tax – notary services are taxed at a rate  between 1.5% to 2.5% of the selling price
acquisition of immovable property  permit – if applicable, 
agency fees,
legal fees
final withholding tax – a new legislation on this matter has come into effect on 1st of January 2015 and our Maltese lawyers can present to you the modifications and new provisions that are applied when selling a property. According to the new law, the final withholding tax applies at the moment of the ownership transfer, at the rate of 8% of the selling value of the property
If you are interested in selling a property in Malta, please contact our Maltese lawyers. Our law firm in Malta can offer you legal representation in this matter.