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Updated on Monday 30th September 2019 had several appreances in the written and online press. We invite you to read some them below:

1.The benefits of opening a company in Malta

"Investors who open a company in Malta have a series of benefits, starting with a low corporate income tax rate and relatively low costs for doing business."

2. Malta - Professional Investment Schemes (PIF’s)

"Ciantar Associates is an accountancy and audit firm. We cater for a variety of enterprises and we would be able to assist you in company formations, bank introductions and loan facilities, personnel selection, management cost controls and audits, taxation consultancies and also legal/financial representations, fiduciary, nominee and trustee services."

3. The advantages of setting up a branch versus a subsidiary

"... close to Italy is Malta and when comparing the costs of opening a branch and a subsidiary in Malta, it will prove much cheaper to set up the former type of company, as there are no share capital requirements involved."
"Numerous investors who decide for business in Malta are aware of the opportunities provided on the market and appreciate the stable business climate and the permissive legislation applicable to foreign investors."
"... Malta is a great destination for opening a gaming business in. At the same time setting up a subsidiary in Malta is a great option for those looking for a flexible taxation system."