Fiduciary Services in Malta

Fiduciary Services in Malta

Updated on Tuesday 19th April 2016

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Fiduciary-Services-in-MaltaMalta is one of the most attractive jurisdictions to set up trusts in, that is why the fiduciary services market is also developed in this country. Fiduciary services are provided by specialized individuals or companies in Malta and can be defined as management and protection services. Our law firm in Malta also provides an array of fiduciary services, among which:

  • - trustee services,
  • - nominee shareholder services,
  • - nominee director services,
  • - nominee secretary services,
  • - asset and wealth management services.

Trustee services in Malta      

Among the most popular fiduciary services in Malta, there are the trustee services. Most foreign individuals appeal to the fiduciary services provided by professionals due to the high degree of confidentiality they provide. Also, in order to provide trustee services, an individual or company must be licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), which increases the confidence of customers. The Maltese Trusts Act also provides an advantageous regulatory framework for foreign citizens setting up trusts in the country. Maltese trusts may own different types of assets, among which: real estate, yachts and aircrafts, shares in companies or money.

Our Maltese lawyers may provide fiduciary services depending on the clients’ needs.

Fiduciary services for companies in Malta

Foreign enterprisers setting up companies in Malta are required to appoint a director and a secretary. Certain types of companies are required to have at least one shareholder. Our Maltese law firm provides full fiduciary services for any type of company.

The Maltese Commercial Law required all types of companies to disclose certain information about the shareholders, the directors and the secretary. In order to protect the shareholders’ identity, most foreign investors appeal to the services of a nominee shareholder. Nominee directors are also employed in Malta. The fiduciary services provided by nominee shareholders or directors means they will provide all the required information with the Maltese Commercial Register. The appointment of nominee shareholders or directors is done by signing a declaration of trust.

For information about all the available fiduciary services, please contact our attorneys in Malta.